Things we do

The Jura Development Trust, or ‘JDT’ has over the decades secured funding for and managed a number of projects. Today, our main activities are maintaining and running the moorings and pontoons in Craighouse and operating the Council Service Point on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council. We own and maintain the shop and Antlers buildings as community assets, with both buildings leased to other businesses. We are the custodians of the Jura Lives oral history archives as well as the genealogy records for the island.

We secure funding for the Jura Passenger Ferry (which is operated privately) and also work with volunteers to take care of the Corran Path. We’ve managed dozens of ‘smaller’ projects too from renewables feasibility studies, wood fuel, yoga, island equipment hire and more.

We have an active Community Led Action Plan which we regularly review and update. We work with other groups on the island to help them deliver their own work and are always keen to collaborate on anything that benefits the Jura community.

We’re a volunteer led organisation with 3 part time paid employees on the island. We rely on volunteer time, grant funds and other donations – all given generously by those at home and far away. To read more about past projects, see below for some archived articles.

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