Our Digital Heritage

Jura has a long and interesting history and the development trust want to see more heritage assets being created by, controlled by, and used for the benefit of the community. You can read more about our ideas in this Jura Time Machine provisional leaflet

You can also have a look at Danilo, the PHD researcher’s draft version of the Jurapedia here.¬†Message him to get involved or find out more about what he’s doing and thinking at this address: jurapediawiki@gmail.com

From May 25th – July 10th 2015 we ran a crowd-funding campaign so as to finance a thorough and extended consultation period about the digital heritage ideas. Although the web stats show that we were very successful in interesting people in the proposals, we didn’t raise the required sum of money. We have heard varying possible reasons for this – from it being the wrong time of year, to people not liking the style of presentation, to there not being a clear enough return on investment, to people not seeing the demand, to people not supporting the JDT in principle – and if you know of any other reasons, we would really appreciate hearing about them, as the main objective at the moment is to explore how people feel about the ideas! You could write to co.sec.jdt@gmail.com or have a quiet word with Heather at the Service Point.
Meanwhile, on the advice of Jura Community Council, and with the thumbs up from the Jura Hall committee, Care Centre and others, we are exploring alternative ways of funding the feasibility stages. FYI, this is the application we are making to Argyll and Bute Council’s third sector fund, for a decision in mid-August.
R&D Grant Application Form summer 2015 (PDF)