Climate Strike 2019

20th September 2019 Completed

Between the 20-27 September 2019, a record 7.6 million people took to the streets to strike for climate action. The biggest climate mobilisation in history. We are proud to have been a part of that on Jura, not quite marching down a “street” but strolling down the only road for 2 miles, taking in and appreciating our environment on a glorious Autumnal day.

We started off by creating our banner, embellishing it with a pledge each on what we would each do to reduce our impact on the environment. Among the pledges were:


Cut out clingfilm

Drive less

Cycle more

Never buy bottled water

Switch to soap and bamboo toothbrushes

Buy Local

Move electricity supplier

And many more.


Our stroll led us to Corran path, where we did a beach clean and a bit of action – planting signs to encourage users to take care of the beach.