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24th August 2019

On Saturday 24th August, Jura Development Trust teamed with Repair Cafe Glasgow in a community learning exchange to fix our broken stuff and show us how to do it ourselves. Buzz Lightyear will go beyond infinity, the kilt shall swish again, the straighteners will go on to defrizz another day and the stool will no longer be avoided at parties. 3 lamps, 2 hoovers, a stereo, a pair of straighteners, a juicer, a beloved boot, a running shoe, a radiator, a favourite pair of jeans, an extension cable, 2 antique tables, 2 bags and a dress were also amongst the newly fixed.

The repairers are all Volunteers, ordinarily based at Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow running Repair Cafe’s monthly. The ethos of a repair cafe is to encourage people to fix their broken items instead of throwing them out (whilst enjoying a sociable atmosphere) making for a much more sustainable lifestyle and reducing our impact on the environment.

Some of the volunteers had training in electrics, a background in fashion and textiles or a particularly good brain for a computer problem, but mostly they learned their skills through general tinkering away and, of course, YouTube videos.

Have you got any skills that you would like to share in a Jura Repair Cafe? Can you work your way around a sewing machine, know a thing or two about woodwork, harbour some electrical knowledge or are you just a generally good fixer of things? Are you keen to support the Repair Movement and contribute to a more sustainable society?

Get in touch with Amy at the Jura Development Trust to share your ideas on the usual platforms – or 01496 820 161

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