Walton’s of Oban deliveries to Jura

There are now 3 options available from Walton’s of Oban to get food delivered to Jura. Full information from Walton’s below..


Last week, we carried out our first Marks & Spencer “personal shopping” runs for customers on Jura. I think that went quite well and that remains available to anyone that wants it (ask for email to be forwarded if you did not enquire last week)  However, our activities made Tesco pay attention and now they have allowed us to do “personal shopping” there too. This will be a slightly easier process for you to create a shopping list.

This will mean us doing your shopping manually, from emailed shopping lists, without Tesco’s normal efficient systems. This won’t be easy for yourselves to list; for us to shop; or for our office to manage. But we will try hard to make it all work (It worked quite well at Marks last week) Tesco are trying to create an “islands postcodes only” slot system, to safeguard vulnerable locations such as your islands but that may be some weeks away.

Please use the following format to create a workable Tesco shopping list:

  1. Do your online shop in your normal way, but without choosing a slot
  2. Transcribe that list word for word, on to an email, manually or on to a Word/Excel/Pdf document
  3. Put that list in the specific running order listed below – to assist us doing your shopping in store, and comply with their temporary one way system
  4. Use full detail for each product you have chosen i.e Brand/type/pack size/weight/price and quantity
  5. Email your list to us at tesco@waltonsofoban.co.uk two days before delivery day e.g. email by Sunday evening for Monday shopping and Tuesday delivery; Tuesday evening for Wednesday shopping and Thursday delivery.
  6. Indicate if substitutes are acceptable to you
  7. Please keep your lists as simple as possible. This has never been done before with Tesco.

We will print off the lists early in the morning and take them to Tesco. When a shop is complete, we will pay for it; collect it; store it; email your receipt and delivery charge; and expect payment in to our bank before midnight shopping day.

Shopping list running order: Baby
Fruit juice
Ready meals
Cooked meats
Raw meat & poultry
Fish & pizza
Pasta, rice sauces & tins
Cooking oils
Free from
Tins tomatoes
Spices & ingredients
Home baking
Crisps & nuts
Wines & spirits
Soft drinks
Tea, coffee & water
Cleaning & Laundry
Bin bags & paper towels
Tissues & toilet roll

You will be charged our standard Tesco delivery rates £23 for three baskets + £4 per additional basket; plus an at cost “shopping charge” to cover our labour (£18 per hour inc. VAT) and of course, your shopping bill. We may well get help from Tesco to run this system so the “shopping cost” may well go down.

Please be patient with us on communication (email only please – our phones are already busy and three of us are working from home) This is a new process and no doubt, we will find teething troubles, but we will all do our best.

Marks & Spencer

For ordering Marks & Spencer shopping:

  1. Email your list to me, eric@waltonsofoban.co.uk by Monday evening.
  2. Please list in the following order:

Vegetables and salad
Raw meat, chicken, poultry, fish
Cooked meats
Deli and light foods
Traditional ready meals
Indian/Chinese/Italian/Thai ready meals
Milk, cheese, butter, yoghurts, desserts
Bread products
Dry goods, sauces, oils, biscuits, crisps, nuts, condiments, confectionary

Please keep your list simple but detailed and specific as possible on quantity/type/weight/volume/quality level e.g. For milk, is it 1 bottle or more? semi or whole? 1 litre or 2 litre bottles? Is it standard or organic or soya or oat? That sort of detail would be very useful.

  1. Please indicate if you are happy to accept substitutes, chosen by us.
  2. We will email your receipt, add our standard Tesco charge and add our “personal shopping” charge.
  3. Please send payment by BACS to our bank account prior to delivery.

Charges are as follows: Existing charges: First three baskets £23 + £4 per additional basket
Shopping charge: £18 per shopping hour
These rates all include VAT @ 20%

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods deliveries for elderly or infirm, Walton’s have 10,000  highest quality ready meals in stock in Oban which are available to anyone.

The website is national coverage https://www.wiltshirefarmfoods.com/ and orders can be placed there; our own email address is oban@wiltshirefamfoods.co.uk; and our landline is 01631 566979. We have three people working from home taking calls on the landline. Best time to call is 08.30 to 13.00