Coop deliveries interest

The Cooperative in Bowmore can now offer deliveries to Jura. This is great news and well done Sheena for keeping on at them!

It will work in a sort of personal shopping service way but we need to collect from one point and we are responsible for delivering around the island. To allow for social distancing and eliminate any possible cross contamination this will be done by volunteers.

At the moment, we need to know how many people would be interested in using this service. Then we can coordinate how this will work. The Coop have said that they could accommodate 15-20 deliveries per week.

Can anyone who would be interested, please contact Sheena Ferrand.
Call: 01496820411 / 07468624734

Can you please let her know if your needs are urgent or if it is a service you would like to use over the next couple of weeks.

It’s still early days and we will need to arrange a volunteer crew on Jura to deliver the shopping when it arrives. So if you would like to volunteer to help, please send your contact details to Katy.

Call: 07501812040 / 01496 820027