Coop deliveries to Jura in place

Through lots of hard work and campaigning from Sheena Ferrand, the Cooperative in Bowmore are now offering deliveries to Jura. This will only be available throughout the lockdown period due to Coronavirus Covid-19.

In order that this service remains safe for everyone, there will be volunteers involved in distribution of orders across Jura, all of whom will be following strict hygiene procedures.

The JCC, JDT and Jura emergency planning group have come up with a system to allow as much fairness as we can, as there are only 15-20 delivery slots each week, which is also dependant on volume. The most vulnerable will be given priority.

If you have expressed an interest in this service, or would like to to place an order in future please contact


  • Each week you will be contacted with full instructions on how to place your order.
  • Orders must be placed no later than 12 noon on a Sunday for delivery on a Tuesday.
  • Orders need to be as detailed as possible and you should indicate if you would be happy to accept substitutes as no refunds will be given.
  • The Cooperative will contact you directly to take payment on a Monday.
  • If payment is not received in time, the order cannot be delivered.
  • Your order will be delivered to your door by volunteers on a Tuesday.

Limits and restrictions

  • Initially this service will be trialled with no limit on items, but this may change.
  • Any current in-store restrictions on products will be applicable.
  • This currently includes no more than 2 of any product, only one pack of eggs per order.
  • There will be no alcohol or tobacco products available for delivery as these are age restricted products and checks cannot be completed.
  • There will be no frozen goods available for delivery as there is no facility to deliver these safely.
  • To make full use of this service, we would ask that your order would be based on crates (which is usually 2 or 3 bags of shopping) rather than just a couple of items.

Moving forward

  • We ask that only the people contacted by us, place an order that week.
  • We will contact the allotted residents each week and let you know your order date.
  • If you no longer require a delivery when the opportunity arises, please let us know and we will pass your slot along to someone else.

This is not going to be easy so please be patient with it all and feel free to contact us with any helpful feedback.

We hope this, and the many other options available to get food to Jura, will allow us all to have a range of choices during this difficult time, all while keeping Jura safe!