Rob Tìgeir replaced Kirsten Gow as part-time Powerdown Project Officer from September 2010. Rob continues to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions across the island. This includes working with the school, running energy saving events, providing advice to individuals and developing community projects. The JDT worked in conjunction with the Hall Committee on the recent successful Climate Challenge Fund bid. As a result the project has been awarded a £126,735 grant to refurbish the hall and make it highly energy efficient. This will vastly improve the usability of the hall during winter and provide a strong community focus for other energy efficiency projects. A second Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) bid to investigate a woodfuel pilot project on Jura, using local resources and providing training to local people is underway. In addition, Rob continues to lobby to ensure that remote communities including Jura get full access to the government’s energy efficiency and renewable energy advice and assistance packages, in line with mainland communities.

Spaces needed

We need a space to store 40 tonnes of wood on Jura – if you have something suitable please get in touch. We are also organising a chainsaw training course and need a well lit indoor space for two days in November – again if you ahve something suitable please get in touch.

Coming up

Upcoming events include a Woodfuel seminar on 23 October 2010 at Jura Hotel – come along and find out what is best to burn and what’s not and also hear about how to select the woodburner that’s right for you. We also have a presentation on how community groups can get involved in green energy. The chainsaw training is due to take place in November – I’m trying to gauge how many are interested – if you are please drop me a line. It’s for chainsaws up to 15″ and is for two days followed by on the job experience with experienced foresters.

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