Growth at the Edge

Alison Lindsay started, part time, with the Trust at the end of last year as G.A.T.E Development officer. She has produced this report: – The IATE Project came to its natural conclusion in spring 2009 and in order to build on the community’s achievements over this period, EU/LEADER funding was granted for Growth At The Edge (GATE) status by Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) with recruitment into post of a Development Officer by November 2009.

The project is progressing with the starting brief of collating information in the form of an audit of community facilities and organisations – a snapshot of where the island is now. I am required by the powers-that-be to conduct a consultation of the community, in the form of a postal survey of all residents aged 12 and over – this was last done to this scale 5 years ago at the beginning of the IATE initiative.

Why do we need this? Well – if Jura is to get our slice of the considerable public investment funds available to continue progressive investment into the island economy – we are required to ask the community what exactly is on their ‘wish list’ and how they would like this to be achieved, or not – it’s for the community to decide.

Again, with GATE, Jura is ahead of the game – initially one of only two GATE areas out of the proposed 40 in Scotland who actually have a Development Officer in post – so some of the technical resources from ‘on-HIE’ (excuse the pun!) have yet to be delivered… this space! Meanwhile, our door is always open to any group or individual who seeks guidance, training or funding options.

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