Changes to bins, roads and amenity services.

During the current coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak, circumstances change regularly.

Keeping people safe from the spread of coronavirus means making changes to how we work. We must concentrate on the services that will help to keep people safe, and that the council must deliver by law.

These changes ensure we have enough people to do what we need to do as we comply with government guidelines. 

Changes to services as of 26 March 2020

  • We will continue to collect the general waste bins, maintaining the current schedule. Please put your general waste bin out on your usual day and we will collect it as soon as we can.
  • We will not be collecting blue bins/bags. Please store your recycling where possible or flatten your recycling to get as much as possible into your blue bin and bag any extra.
  • Glass collections bin sites will not be serviced to allow us to focus on other more vital work. Please store glass at home for the time being.
  • We will not be replacing, or delivering new, bins.
  • We will only carry out street lighting repairs that pose most risk to the public ie if columns are unstable or they are electrically unsafe.
  • Emergency road repairs to continue

We will post updates on our coronavirus web page: .

The situation is fluid and we may need to make changes at short notice. Urgent changes will be posted on our website:

We would appeal to members of the public to work with us during this challenging time. We are working hard to protect our frontline staff. You can help us by reading the guidance about waste disposal if someone in the household has or is suspected of having COVID-19: