Update on food shopping for Jura

The JDT, JCC and Islay & Jura Emergency planning group are all working very hard to try and keep a healthy supply of groceries coming to the island. 

The Jura stores team are doing an amazing job at supplying the island under extremely difficult circumstances.  Availability of goods and supply chains are constantly changing. Chris and all the team are doing their best to keep adapting to every new scenario.  


To try and help both the shop and Jura residents, the various community groups are exploring lots of options. One of these is Coop delivery.

There are a number of hurdles to jump before this could be possible. Please don’t get your hopes up too soon, but know we are working on a solution.

We have spoken to both head office and the manager at Bowmore, who are going out of their way to help. At present, there is NO system in place for payment. This is same for Islay residents. We are working on setting this up for Jura.

On Islay, there is a massive volunteer effort to help the most vulnerable.  
Islay have almost 200 volunteers going into the Coop and physically doing multiple shops for those most at risk. These are then distributed by the Coop vehicle.   

The Coop has said this would also be available for Jura, if we can sort out the first logistics of payment and boxing up individual orders.  

Everyone’s main objective is to lower the risk of the virus spreading on Islay and Jura. The fewer people and traffic going to and from Islay will help this.

IF you are personally helping anyone out on Jura at the moment, please take the time to read over the Argyll & Bute volunteer guidance. It is really important that any very kind offers of help, do not unwittingly also distribute the virus.

Please note that we are not encouraging anything here, but if you are please be careful.



While we are working behind the scenes, it would be great to start a list of any one willing to volunteer when or if you are needed.

If you would like to volunteer, please email your contact details to katy.beasley@hotmail.co.uk


All important information is still being posted on the JDT website. Please continue to check here for updates: https://juradevelopment.co.uk/news/