Jura Medical practice update


* NHS Inform remains the best source of up to date COVID-19 information at https://www.nhsinform.scot/…/infection…/coronavirus-covid-19
* As of 8am yesterday, COVID-19 Community Assessment Hubs are now up and running in Argyll and Bute
* If you or a family member shows any symptoms or COVID-19 (fever or cough), you should continue to follow the advice regarding self isolation on NHS Inform. In this scenario, there may be no need to contact NHS 24 at all
* IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LIVE WITH IS DETERIORATING AT HOME, the new system is to ring the Community Assessment Hub on 111, 24 hours per day for further assessment
* A simple test to determine whether further assessment is required is to take a deep breath and try to count from 1 – 30 as fast as possible. If you are unable to get past counting to 10, or unable to count for more than 7 seconds without needing to take a breath, then ring 111 as further assessment is likely to be needed
* Following assessment by NHS 24, a decision will them be made regarding further treatment or assessment
* Please think very carefully about your actions in the coming weeks and be realistic about the potential problems that are likely to become realities if hospital treatment is required for anyone living on the Scottish islands
* Our absolute priority is for us as isolated communities *not* to contract or spread the virus in the first place so that difficult scenarios of contemplating transferring deteriorating patients remain theoretical only
* The vast majority of other (non coronavirus related) consultations are now being dealt with over the phone, or ideally by use of the new NearMe video consulting system
* Please take the time to familiarise yourself with NearMe by following the instructions on our website at www.juramedicalpractice.co.uk to carry out a ‘Test Call’
* As things stand, everything is relatively calm and under control at the moment. Let’s do everything we can to keep it that way!