Jura Ferry Update

With further easing of lockdown and travelled distance restrictions,
additional timetabled sailings (0735hrs, now no requirement to book
and 0930hrs) have been added to the daily scheduled sailings in
anticipation of increased demand. Current 2m social distancing limits
remain in force when travelling on the ferry with all driver /
passengers requested to remain inside their vehicle for the duration
of the crossing unless advised otherwise by ferry crew. Passenger
accommodation area will remain closed until further notice due to
social distancing limits.

Face coverings are mandatory while travelling on public transport,
including ferries. However as Jura ferry ‘is entirely outdoors’ face
coverings are worn at users discretion – see details at:

With current 2m social distancing limit, foot passenger numbers will
be restricted to 6 persons on both port and starboard sides of the
vessel – 12 in total. Also in order to continue minimising crew
exposure out of hours bookable sailings will remain unavailable until
further notice.

Ferry users are requested, where possible, to buy tickets on line or
through Jura ferry app in advance of travel to reduce card / cash

Further updates to time table will be made as required in support of
further easing of restrictions and CalMac time table changes.

Robert Paton, Ferries Technical Officer

From the Jura Jottings July 2020, Issue 333

Download the latest timetable as a pdf: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/sites/default/files/islay_-_jura_summer_covid19.pdf