JDT update

Most of us on Jura feel very fortunate to live here during this time. However, despite the beauty of our surroundings, we still face challenges and concerns raised by COVID19 and the current lockdown situation.

There is a range of funding available to provide support and the JDT has been working in partnership with the Community Council and the Shop, and applying for grants to cover the costs of food deliveries from the Jura Stores and the Co-op, and ensure the sustainability of businesses including the Passenger Ferry, the shop, the Antlers and the moorings and pontoons once this is over.

One of the great things about living in a small community is that people do support each other, and we want to make sure that needs are being met. We all know that Jura’s needs are not the same as Islay’s or large communities on the mainland, but most available funding is for the country as a whole. So, whilst we want to make sure that local needs are met, we don’t want to take funding away from areas that may need it more.

So before we apply for anything else, we are asking for your help.

What are the immediate needs of the community? – It would help if you could tell us how you identified those needs. For example, if you feel meals for the elderly/vulnerable are needed, can you help us figure out who would actually use such a service?

Is funding needed to meet those needs or would it be possible to meet them with the use of volunteers? (volunteer expenses may need to be paid)

What are the longer term needs of the community to ensure that Jura will thrive in the future?

We know that some needs may be specific to you rather than to the community as a whole, and we can’t guarantee to please everyone but we want to help where we can, so please don’t be afraid to ask!

Please contact Sheena Gow (email secretary@juradevelopment.co.uk) with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc or if we can be of any help.