COVID-19 self-testing

An update from Jura Medical Practice

  • Covid self testing for Islay and Jura is now available. This replaces previous advice regarding requesting home testing kits via the website (non viable)
  • Testing is available at Islay Hospital and is accessed as detailed. This is self testing and the hospital non clinical staff are managing the logistics of this process only. They don’t do your test.
  • Do not travel by public transport.
  • Do not travel with anyone outside your household.
  • Please inform Jura ferry of your name or number plate and reason for travel (01496 840681) so they are aware to not approach the car. Remain inside your car and keep windows closed.
  • The difficulties with arranging self testing on Jura are around returning the tests to the lab rather than accessing the testing kits. Therefore the self tests must be done in this manner.