Jura Village Hall

The Jura Hall is situated in the middle of Craighouse and run as a trust by a volunteer board of directors, on behalf of the Isle of Jura community. The Hall is a registered charity and uses funds from a range of activities to maintain the Hall and the car park. The current committee members are:

  • Katy Beasley, Chair
  • Keith Compton Bishop, Secretary
  • Charlotte Gillett, Director

What we do

The Jura Hall Committee run events every year, including Burns Night in January, Fells Race Dance in May, 10K in June and the odd Hogmanay party, to name a few.

There is also a 250 Club, each August, costing £12 per year and gives the chance to win one of three prizes each month (£25, £15 and £10) plus entry into the Christmas super draw for £100.

The Jura Hall is also available to rent for events, parties, meetings or anything else you can think of!

All of these activities allow the committee to insure and look after the Hall and make upgrades where we can. We have also been lucky enough to receive funding over the years from Argyll & Bute Supporting Communities Fund, The Climate Challenge Fund, LEADER, as well as plenty of generous donors over the years.

Check Hall Availability

Have a look at our calendar, to see if the hall is available to book, for your event. The calendar only shows if the hall is booked on a particular day. Please get in touch if you are looking for a short hire booking, as it may only be booked for part of that day. The full list of Jura events can be found on the What’s On page.

Jura Hall Calendar


Costs and enquire

For any other costs or queries, please get in touch. Donations are always kindly accepted for the use of Hall equipment.

Hire purpose Charge Duration
Council events £300 Full day and evening
Non resident short hire morning £50 Up to 3 hours
Non resident short hire afternoon £50 Up to 3 hours
Non resident short hire evening £50 Up to 3 hours
Resident short hire morning £20 1 to 3 hours
Resident short hire afternoon £20 1 to 3 hours
Resident short hire evening £20 1 to 3 hours
Resident day and night hire £95 Day and night
Non resident day and night hire £175 Day and night
Wedding receptions £600 Four days

Please note it is the responsibility of the hirer to clear and clean up the hall, back to the state it was hired. Any equipment hired, borrowed or used should be returned to where it came from. Or you will be liable for hourly charges to cover cleaning, breakages, missing items.

Live events

The Hall holds a Public Entertainment Licence (PEL) from Argyll & Bute Council. This allows for “any place where members of the public are admitted or may use any facilities for the purposes of entertainment or recreation.” This is not the same as an occasional license to sell alcohol, which must be applied for and purchased separately. A PEL is just a license required to hold any entertainment event, even if there is no charge to the public for that event.

This license is required for concerts, live music or playing of recorded music, video shows, theatrical performances, dancing or discotheques to name some but not all.

Not all events need this license and types of events that do not need a PEL are noted below:

  • Private functions e.g. birthday parties, weddings or anniversary parties
  • Gala days
  • Art exhibitions
  • Coffee mornings
  • Fetes


The current application period for a temporary PEL is 35 days notice to allow the council to process the application. This new ongoing license did however come at a cost to the Hall of £175 per year. A year runs from 1st July until 30th June.

Consequently we need to pass some of the cost on to the users of the Hall. We are not putting up our prices across the board but instead asking for a further £40 for any event that needs a PEL. This is unlikely to cover the full cost of the license each year but the committee is happy for the Hall to cover the rest of the cost.

A temporary PEL costs £149 from Argyll & Bute Council, unless you are “a formally constituted voluntary group or a national voluntary organisation with an established base in Argyll and Bute”. So in reality, we are saving some groups quite a large amount by only charging £40. It does mean that the Hall and the committee are responsible for any event held under our license.

If you would rather apply for your own license for any event, please just let us know upon booking the Hall. We will require to see a copy of the license when you receive it and it will need to be displayed at your event, otherwise we will not be able to allow your event to go ahead.

Get in touch with the Hall